Jane is an avid birder and nature enthusiast, whose deep love for travel, camping and exploring the natural world knows no bounds. Assisted by her nature-loving husband, Rob, a skilled photographer, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to visiting remote and breathtaking landscapes. With their camera lenses as their creative instruments, they capture the beauty of birds and wildlife, all while advocating tirelessly for conservation.

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  1. blank Peggy says:

    Woolly – necked Storks love cheese,even more than chicken! Cheddar or Edam particularly!

  2. blank Charmaine Swan says:

    Hi. We have 2 that come into our garden quite often. They both have a leg that is injured, one has no foot on the one leg, only a leg, but stands on the stump. and walks on it.
    , the other one has a foot that he can’t stand on, it looks broken. But he hops around. But I put some dog pellets out and they ate those, and some freeze dried flying ants I had, which I’d kept for the Paradise Fly Catcher family that lives here. They seemed to love the flying ants. They both had a bath on the top step in our pool. They also seemed quite tame, as I gotta about 1.5 meters away from the one when I put the food out. They are so lovely to watch. We really feel blessed to have them here. Charmaine Swan, Athlone Park, Amanzimtoti.

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