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KNP – Hyenas well spotted!

Anyone who knows me, knows that apart from birds and animals, the next great passion in my life (apart from Rob of course) is playing the card game of Bridge.  In case you’re wondering...

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KNP – The Drive from Satara to Punda Maria

Most people who visit Kruger National Park make a point of going to the southern part because of its accessibility and proximity to international airports and the main centres of the region.  Fortunately the...

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Birding Weekend at Kruger

We’ve been silent on Wilkinson’s World for a while now, but that’s only because we’ve been away having a number of adventures.  A visit to Kruger National Park is always a treat for us,...

Elephants and Idiots 8

Elephants and Idiots

I don’t know about you, but I think the world is going a bit loopy at the moment.  Perhaps I should check out the phase of the moon because it’s usually the cause of...

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The Tale of the Tortoise Shell

Christmas is a time of traditions, stories and folklore.  In Africa it is no different, although the folk tales are told throughout the year to many willing listeners.  With acknowledgements to Chinua Achebe, the...

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The ladykiller and the lion

I’ve been following the Melissa Bachman lion killing debate with great interest.  As a nature lover I’m heartened to see the outcry that her callous behaviour has spawned.  I guess it would be naive...

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Once Upon a Campsite

Most of the campsites that we stay at have one or two local residents that come and welcome us as soon as we arrive.  We like to think that they are just being hospitable,...

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Monkey Business at Cape Vidal

If you’re planning to visit Cape Vidal in the Greater St Lucia Wetlands area I’m sure you will do some research on the camping facilities or self-catering accommodation that is available there.  You will...

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Earth – thoughts by Kahlil Gibran

Some random lines about the Earth from the Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran. I love the writing of Kahlil Gibran. He had such a beautiful way with words and the things he wrote about...

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A visit to the Southern Drakensberg

We’ve just had a wonderful visit to the Southern Drakensberg in Kwazulu Natal. This particularly beautiful section of the Drakensberg mountain range falls within the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, which was declared a world heritage...

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Eland – S A’s largest antelope

I blogged a while back about our visit to the Botsalano Game Reserve near Mafikeng in South Africa.  This great little reserve is home to the region’s largest antelope, the Eland, where sizable herds...

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Mtunzini – A Place in the Shade

Drive for about an hour and a half north from Durban up the N2 and you will come to a small seaside village called Mtunzini.  This little town is full of delightful surprises, and...

Winging It – Black-faced Impala 0

Winging It – Black-faced Impala

–oOo— Healing doesn’t mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God. —oOo— Black-faced impala Related Images: