[geo_mashup_map map_content=”global”]

Cool features to note about the above map above:

  • Each marker represents a post we have written and a location we have visited.
  • Clicking the header of an information balloon takes one to the actual post.
  • Use your scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in or out on the Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain maps.
  • Use your mouse & scroll wheel to zoom in on a location without moving the map left or right, top or bottom.
  • One can scroll up and down the page by clicking outside of the Google Map.

Cool features to note about the sidebar and legend:

  • One can use the Visible Post List on the left to show an information balloon on Google Earth.
  • One can switch off markers on the map by unchecking the categories (e.g. if you only want see weekends and trips, then uncheck all the other checkboxes and you will only see those markers on the map.
  • By default all the posts that have markers are listed in “Visible Post List”.
  • You can click on a post under “Visible Post List” to be taken directly to the location on the map. A balloon will display with a little information.

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