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0178-27-12-2014-Swee-waxbill-Kirstenbosch-DSC_0231-Copy-Medium 0

Swee Waxbills at Kirstenbosch

When we lived in Namibia we were fortunate enough to come across a number of different kinds of waxbills and were always delighted when the colourful Blue and Violet-eared waxbills came to feed in...

0102-27-12-2014-Southern-double-collared-sunbird-Kirstenbosch-DSC_0106-Copy-Medium 0

Southern double-collared sunbirds at Kirstenbosch

Last week I posted some photographs of the Orange-breasted sunbirds that we saw at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town.  This week their cousins take centre stage; the beautiful Southern double-collared sunbirds, which flit...