Jane is an avid birder and nature enthusiast, whose deep love for travel, camping and exploring the natural world knows no bounds. Assisted by her nature-loving husband, Rob, a skilled photographer, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to visiting remote and breathtaking landscapes. With their camera lenses as their creative instruments, they capture the beauty of birds and wildlife, all while advocating tirelessly for conservation.

10 Responses

  1. Grose,i don,t even feel like eating rite now i want to vomate

  2. Karoofella says:

     Don’t be grose or vomate. Rather ask Mommy to help with your Engrish.

  3. cathy botha says:

    that’s not nice next time tell us what they eat

  4. Richard Harloe says:

    Well one thing they love is potatoes in 1966 (the olden days?) they certainly downgraded our crop. I think they also liked carrots.

  5. Lyne says:

    I was actually searching for the spiritual meaning of jongolo (millipedes) then I landed here… I hate these creatures… Since day 1

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