Jane is an avid birder and nature enthusiast, whose deep love for travel, camping and exploring the natural world knows no bounds. Assisted by her nature-loving husband, Rob, a skilled photographer, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to visiting remote and breathtaking landscapes. With their camera lenses as their creative instruments, they capture the beauty of birds and wildlife, all while advocating tirelessly for conservation.

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  1. blank Mike says:

    My gawd, you made me cry with laugher. It’s the funniest story I’ve read all year and you got a few in the office in stitches as well.

  2. blank Pete Bowen says:

    A Rasta man was recently arrested under suspicion of stealing a famous dog.

    The man’s apartment was raided by the police, but the dog was not found.

    However, a suitcase containing £500,000 was discovered underneath his bed.

    The police interviewed the Rasta man:

    “Where did you get the money? We know that guys like you don’t just get half a million pounds saved up for a rainy day, in a suitcase under the bed”, asked the detective.

    The Rasta man replied “Me nah tell you nutt’n!”

    The detective said “Look, rasta. I’m gonna ask you one more time. Someone who fits your description was seen stealing a famous dog last night. Where did you get the money?”

    The Rasta said nothing.

    The police detective punched the Rasta guy in the face, pushed him off his chair, kicked him in the nuts, grabbed him by the dreadlocks and threw him up against the wall.


    The Rasta could take no more. “Ok, ok mon, me tell you where me get de money!”

    “Where?” The police detective shouted, angrily.

    The Rasta man replied “… Me highly sell Lassie”

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