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  1. blank Mike says:

    Ha Ha! – That was an excellent, funny read! I am sorry to say Mom, but I am agreeing with Rob on this one. I guess my post about “Why men are never depressed” and the comments about how different men and women are, ties in nicely with your two posts.

  2. blank Judes says:

    Touche’ Rob! I’m with you Jane. Tim has this ‘wonderful’ idea that living life on a boat – yes, a boat on the water in the Highlands … permanently …. through all four seasons – will be terribly adventurous. He kind of looks puzzled when I say I NEED, electricity (for my hairdryer), central heating, hot running water and a bed that stays still – and that’s the minimum.

  3. blank Jane says:

    Thanks to all those folks who sent emails of commiseration to me. Rob is doing well and should make a full recovery. The Police assured me, after reading his blog, that I had every right to assault him like I did and no criminal charges will be pressed against me. They were also full of sympathy for me for having a son who is also a male chauvenist. Husband and son – a double whammy!

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