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  1. blank Marie Schoeman says:

    Hi Guys !
    Welcome to the club! We did the same route in May 2017. We LOVED the scenery, the road was rather hectic – as you know so well ! We also got stuck in the riverbed – with no living soul to assist us to get this vehicle out of the sand ! We hired a Fortuner 4X4 and we were highly impressed by it’s performance. The only difference for us is the fact that we – my husband and I, endeavoured this on our own – just the two of us!! Being trapped in the sand was no joke for we had to dig in the sand and it took us at least 2 hours! Fortunately a young black man came out from nobody knows where, and he helped to push the car out, eventually. What an experience! While digging, it was not so pleasant, but afterwards we marvelled at the adventure! Will do it again BUT with more hands to dig !!

  2. blank Jane says:

    Hi Marie
    It’s a special place and quite an adventure to get stuck there. These experiences are what stick in our minds, so you will relive it for many years to come. Well done!

  3. blank Marie Schoeman says:

    Thank you for reading my story ! Yes ! It is one experience in the wild that will be a treasured memory !
    I wrote an article on this for WEG ! but I think yours is the best ! It says it all !
    God willing, we will go again – but this time I will make sure that more vehicles will be going with and all our children and their children to see and enjoy the adventure !

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