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  1. blank Annet says:

    I will be so glad if you can tell me if the Union’s end borderpost is open between Namibia and Botswana. We travel in June from Sesriem to Gochas and then to the Botswana side of the Transfrontier Park.

    • blank Jane says:

      Annet, there is no border post at Union’s End. Coming from Gochas you will have to enter the Park at Mata Mata border post and then make your way through the Park to Twee Rivieren to have your passport stamped before you enter Botswana. Have a great trip!!!

  2. blank Roger says:

    The farm Unions End was surveyed and beaconed by Roger “Malkop” Duke Jackson in April 1921. It was him and his crazy Scottish wife who named many of the places in the vacinity. 

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