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  1. blank pete bowen says:

    I had the misfortune of being bitten, nay mauled by these in my final year of schooling. However, I was savaged by the less common Peregrinatio cimex aequoreus. As with most sea dwelling noo-noos the venom was neigh on deadly. Seventeen years down the road, the venom is as strong as ever compelling me back to the deep blue seas and new places.

    Loved the post.


  2. blank Fay says:

    I have a bad case of Peregrino cimex. There is no known cure. I am not complaining though, I have had some great adventures and I hope to have many more!

  3. blank Jenny says:

    Would hardly call the Koringkriek harmless! A bite from one will fester and cause major pain for ages. The acid it sprays out if disturbed will burn you skin into blisters. They are carniverous too.

    • blank Jane says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Jenny. Thankfully we haven’t had any bad experiences with them. Their awful appearance makes one give them a wide berth anyway!

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