Soccer fever has hit South Africa with a vengeance and any description of the happy spirit prevailing in the country at the moment would be a gross understatement!    It is absolutely staggering to see how this has drawn the people together in an atmosphere of co-operation and national pride.  If nothing else, it will prove to be one of the loudest and most colourful World Cups ever.

South Africa has been waiting in joyful anticipation for June 11 2010, the start of the first World Cup Soccer event hosted on the African continent.  This is a truly auspicious occasion for a third world country and our nation can be justifiably proud of being given the honour of leading the way in this regard.

As South Africans who can only watch from afar, we at Wilkinson’s World wish our national team, Bafana Bafana, all the very best as they take on the heavyweights in the world soccer arena.  All eyes will be on them as they represent our beautiful country and, like the rest of South Africa, Namibia and the neighbouring countries, we will be blowing our vuvuzelas and waving our flags for them.

We wish the visiting teams and supporters a wonderful trip to South Africa and hope that the many happy memories that they take back home with them afterwards will draw them back to this amazing part of the world sometime again in the future.


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