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  1. blank Pete Bowen says:

    Awesome pictures, shame the poor little birdies!

  2. blank Hillary says:

    Wow Jane how lucky you were vto be at the right place at the right time! Who took the photo’s??

    • blank Jane says:

      Hi Hillary. We both took the photos – have literally dozens and dozens from every angle. Thank goodness for zoom lenses and 500 mm lenses – at least we could keep ourselves safe if it decided to drop down to the ground!! Awesome experience seeing it.

  3. blank Neize says:

    Very beautiful photos. Wow! Jane, you and Rob are great! Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us. Neize


  4. blank Kevin Lodge says:

    just had a look at the cape cobra photos which i was told about by Kenny Wilkinson your brother .

    Kenny went for a walk with me in the Newlands Forest in CT yesterday up to Woodcutters trail and then we went to Newlands to watch the rugby .

    I have just returned from a trip to tanzania to the Serengeti and the Crater .

    Nice website .

    Best Wishes

    Kevin Lodge – Newlands CT

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