I enjoy sharing other people’s thoughts on meditation and quiet, reflective time, so was delighted when I stumbled upon a website featuring the poems of the late Jim Metcalf, the unofficial poet-laureate of New Orleans.   He has a lovely way with words and if you’re interested in reading poetry accompanied by beautiful soothing music, then do pay a visit to the site (see below for link).

I hope you enjoy this poem of his, and take time to ponder the thoughts behind it.

Before I Sleep

If I have let this day pass by
and can’t remember something good about it,
then I have been ungrateful
and I beg forgiveness.

If I have been involved too much with me…
my wants and woes, to see the beauty that surrounds me,
then I have played the fool and I am sorry.

If I have not stretched out my hands
to loved ones to show them that I care,
then I have been unfeeling and I am ashamed.

If I have failed to help when it was needed,
yet asked others to help me
then I have been selfish and I apologize.

If I have not seen the face of God
reflected in a million ways and places,
then I have been blind and I ask for another chance
to try again tomorrow.

Jim Metcalf

Do you have a favourite poem or know of a good website for meditative reflections for your quiet time?  If so, I would love to hear from you.



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