Hello, hello!!  What have we got here?  Looks like it could be interesting …….  I think I’ll check it out.


So someone ran over a snake.  Well, that’s surely good news for me.  Now I don’t have to go out there and catch one for myself.

Hmmn.  Could be quite tasty if I take the time to eat it.

If only I had a knife and fork to chop it into little pieces, I’m sure it would be easier.  Oh well …

Perseverance wins.

Now that was worth the effort.  Thanks to the benefactor who rode over my meal.




Jane is an avid birder and nature enthusiast, whose deep love for travel, camping and exploring the natural world knows no bounds. Assisted by her nature-loving husband, Rob, a skilled photographer, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to visiting remote and breathtaking landscapes. With their camera lenses as their creative instruments, they capture the beauty of birds and wildlife, all while advocating tirelessly for conservation.

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  1. What kind of Snake its That eaten by this Type of Roller

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